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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Divine Smoke - The magick of Incense

We have all entered a church, mosque, temple or holy place and marveled at how wonderful it smelt.
Perfume and incense wafting through the air, But have we ever wondered as to the reason for burining incense?

An Ancient Practice
In ancient Egypt the use of perfume and incense was developed to a skill that rivals even our own today.
Not only was incense used for cosmetic use but also for medicinal, psychological, spiritual and magickal use.

It was believed by the ancient Egyptians that perfume carried their prayers or spoken words to the ears of Amun (God). Fragrance and smell has the unique capability of programming our neuological pathways to the brain in a way that can bypass the conscious mind and program the subconscious mind.
The Neter Amun Ra with incense offering smouldering on a charcoal disc

Olifactory Stimulus
Smell is the sense that makes the biggest impact on us, even more so than sight. The ancient Egyptians used this to great advantage to affect and program their minds and sacred space with a magickal vibration of their own choosing through strong visualisation and intent.

In Egyptian Heka and spiritual practice, we make use of scent and fragrance to attract what we desire towards us through the use of chanting, praying and heka spells (Magickally spoken words), over lit incense or smoldering smoked herbs to litterally charge the sacred space with that vibration and releasing its intent into the universe to manifest.

This of course is only one method employed in heka but a very effective one, which combined with ritual gestures brings about wonderful and often seemingly miraculous results.

The Magickal use of Fragrance
In Magick, The whole universe is divided into 5 elements, AIR, FIRE, WATER , EARTH and SPIRIT also called  ETHER, AKASHA or SPACE.

Te AIR element is the element that Incense, perfume and all fragrance correspond to, and also, the mind and communication. By using fragrance we can litterally program the mind and communication sending subtle messages unseen to the person or energy matrix we want to affect change within!

You are not convinced? Let's just look at an ordinary situation no magick no spells...
Say you are sitting on a bus and a very attractive person comes and sits next to you wearing a perfume that you find exotic and even erotically take the same scenario and imagine this person covered in excrement or not having bathed for a few days and pungent with stinky sweat....
How would you react in each case?

So there you have it, without even saying one magickal word, the person's perfume either attracted or repulsed you.

We can use this effect to great success by adding our intention, heka (words and  visualised thoughts)
to herbs, resins and even everyday perfumes that we wear to affect change...

Everything in the Universe has a unique frequenncy or vibration. One of the laws of Magick states that "like attracts like".
Using this principle we can make an incense blend for instance of which the ingredients vibrates (corresponds) to Money, prosperity etc.

There are many references on the internet and in books to the magickal herbal correspondences of plants and aromatherapy oils.

Here is my own recipe for a prosperity and money drawing fragrance called:

AMUN RA Money Drawing Incense

(All spoon measures are teaspoons.)
(DO NOT USE Synthetic or potpourrie aroma oils, only the best quality 100% pure essentials oils will work) - You are welcome to email me at if you would like a stockist for the herbs and oils.

a Pinch of Anthill dust (must be taken from a business or place that is very busy)
4 Spoons Patchouli Leaves
2 Spoons of ground Cinnamon
2 Spoons of raisons (pitlless dried) - acts as a binding agents and grapes are seen as a fruit of prosperity
3 Spoons of Frankincense - For Amun Ra -Solar Aspect & the number 3 is for the tripple god aspect
+- 1 Spoon of Honey (to attract money and prosperity like bees to a flower)
6 Drops of sweet Orange oil (essential oil) - (experiment using Neroli oil - sweet orange blossom oil as a  substitute)
a powdered money bill
1/2 spoon of Nutmeg
1 spoon of powdered bay leaf.

Blend and mix all the ingredients together using a morter and pestle
Pray or chant over the oil while making it to empower it,  putting as much intent for money and prosperity as you can into the mixture while chanting.
I use the mantra: "Amun Ra Oh Hidden One, Wealth untold, shower me with money and gold"

Once you have built up enough power with your chant, you can say SO MOTE IT BE! in a firm voice, which is a command to the Universe to make what you willed, a reality.
At this point in time you can now place the mixture 'as is' in the sun - see below for details or roll it into shapes or small balls beforehand

Once made it needs to be placed in sunlight for a few days to absorb the planetary energies of Ra (Sun) and to dry. A windowsill inside your home is good as you don't want insects, or weather to ruin the blend.

It has a very pleasant aroma when burned & smoldered on the charcoal.

For those of you that do not Know how to smolder insence on a charcoal (special type used to smudge herbs), please email me for instructions at:

I also offer email courses and private tuition in Heka practice.
Visit me at  or

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