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Friday, May 28, 2010

100% Silver Utchat Eye Amulet - From Rahotep's Ancient Egyptian Heka Amulets collection. - available from: or

1. The Utchat Eye – Eye of Horus
The Eye of Horus is a highly protective and beneficial amulet serving many purposes:
a) As an amulet of the ‘restored eye’ it represents all that is whole, healthy and good and promotes health and wholeness in all its aspects.
b) As the ‘ALL SEEING EYE’, the Utchat amulet increases the wearers ability to sense things and gives greater intuition and psychic ability opening the third eye and all 5 ‘astral senses’
c) As the solar eye, it destroys all evil and harmful magick and is highly effective as a protection against “the evil eye” and envy and jealousy from other people

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Four Thieves Vinegar - HOODOO that pesky Flu outa sight!

Here is an old hoodoo remedy against the flu and some other nasty colds as well.

The four thieves vinegar hoodoo remedy is very old but this recipe is my own special blend and take on it.
Every root worker has their own personal recipes and this one is potently mixed by yours truly!

Four Thieves Vinegar.
500ml Red Wine Vinegar
Lots of Garlic Whole and Crushed
To this base add on of each of the following to represent one of the 'thieves'
Fresh Rosemary sprigs
1 heaped teaspoon Cayenne pepper
Sage - Pick it fresh
Fresh Thyme

Leave in bottle for 4 - 7 days, shaking the bottle every day to infuse the mix with your intentions while chantng something like: " Health, Protection, Energy, Vitality"

Once ready, drink 2 tablespoon fulls every day and you will not get sick this winter.

This recipe was used by 4 thieves according to legend to prevent getting infected by the black plague, whilst robbing the dead corpses of valuable posessions. So as you can see it is very potent as an immune booster and viral guard. It has certain Magickal uses too, but I leave that up to you to experiment with.

Please send me your comments.

It is hot and potent so if you have epilepsy, avoid the Rosemary and substitute Black pepper or Lavendar(Freshly picked) instead. Also if you are suffering from ulcers or medical conditions that vinegar can exarcerbate, steer clear.

Disclaimer: Alway check with your doctor or health care practitioner before internalising ANY remedies, home-made or otherwise.

Everyone else , enjoy the burn and amazing vitality and energy surge that you will experience due to increased health and protection from flu and cold virusses this winter.