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Friday, May 28, 2010

100% Silver Utchat Eye Amulet - From Rahotep's Ancient Egyptian Heka Amulets collection. - available from: or

1. The Utchat Eye – Eye of Horus
The Eye of Horus is a highly protective and beneficial amulet serving many purposes:
a) As an amulet of the ‘restored eye’ it represents all that is whole, healthy and good and promotes health and wholeness in all its aspects.
b) As the ‘ALL SEEING EYE’, the Utchat amulet increases the wearers ability to sense things and gives greater intuition and psychic ability opening the third eye and all 5 ‘astral senses’
c) As the solar eye, it destroys all evil and harmful magick and is highly effective as a protection against “the evil eye” and envy and jealousy from other people

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