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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cape Plans to Kill Sacred Egyptian Geese...

CAPE Plans To Kill Geese –Please refer to the inserted article below:

CAPE Plans To Kill Geese - Sunday, 14 March 2010 05:10

- This article was originally published on page 1 of Cape Times on March 12, 2010
Source: -

The ancient Egyptians considered them sacred, but the City of Cape Town is looking at killing some of Africa's most well-known and widespread indigenous birds to reduce their numbers.

It says the Egyptian geese that have taken up residence around the Sonstraal and Vygeboom dams
in the Durbanville area need to be brought back into "sustainable equilibrium" with their environment.

"A final decision on the method ... has yet to be taken by the City of Cape Town," City Parks area manager Altus de Wet said.

The city would follow an "inclusive process" in this regard, and all relevant role players would be consulted prior to a final decision being made.

Asked how the birds would be killed, De Wet said: "If they have to be culled - as humanely as possible. They are fed a sedative and fall asleep."

Asked how many of the birds would be killed, he said no decision had been taken on the numbers.

Asked how many of the birds would be killed, he said no decision had been taken on the numbers.

Another option being looked at was "relocating" the Egyptian geese, as well as other domestic waterfowl that have made the dam their home.
The city has killed exotic water birds, such as mallards, on the Durbanville dams before - the last time was in June 2005 - but this is, apparently, the first time it has considered killing indigenous birds.

Egyptian geese occur along the Nile Valley and across most of Africa south of the Sahara. They are "widespread" in South Africa, but absent in desert areas.

The birds favour inland waterways, rivers and dams.

They roost on shorelines during the day and after nightfall. In the early morning and evening they generally fly to nearby farmland to graze on grass and grain. In large numbers, they are often treated as pests.

De Wet said the SPCA had been consulted on the matter.
"They understand the situation, but require that animals be treated in a humane manner. Feeding of sedative is accepted."

He further said CapeNature, the Western Cape conservation authority, was involved in the matter.
"They advise the city and issue permits to reduce bird numbers," De Wet said.
However, CapeNature denied knowledge of the city's plans.
"We are not currently an active role player in the local authority's strategy to manage the properties," its executive director of biodiversity, Kas Hamman, said.
Management of the two dams was a local authority responsibility and "does not resort under CapeNature".

Depictions of Egyptian geese appear inside ancient Egyptian tombs, dating back thousands of years. - Sapa

I, Rahotep, have decided to speak out against this ignorance and disrespect of the rights of the sacred Egyptian Geese and all that is Nature.


When are people going to respect Mother Nature and all her faces as sacred and stop thinking that because we are human we are somehow better and more entitled to decide who and what lives or dies.

How conscious are we then really?

And by the way; shame on you SPCA for 'UNDERSTANDING?' Cape Town’s situation and being ok with culling the Egyptian Geese!!! - No matter how 'humane' you may have deemed it to be in your limited human consciousness!

In fact: How Dare You?

Even having the audacity to make it easy for Cape Town’s City Parks area manager Altus de Wet by suggesting the culling method and how they should go about it!?

As the SPCA this is what you claim to stand for: Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the oldest animal’s welfare organization in South Africa. – (when ‘GOOGLED’)

Well maybe we should ALL ask if you are so old that you have become insensitive to the needs and rights of animals...?

I would like to ask whether it is time for the SPCA to make way for a new anti cruelty to animals, bill of rights or legislative act or even organization that would do more...and truly 'understand'?

Maybe a name change is due too in line with the SPCA’s ‘humane’ ‘understanding’ of Cape Town’s Egyptian Geese.... I suggest SEHAC as opposed to SPCA.

SEHAC would then stand for the Society for the Endorsement of 'Humane' Animal Culling. I think it fair to say that the SPCA somehow seems to fall short of their mission to prevent animal cruelty, viewed in the light of light of the spoke person for the SPCA in this case as documented by the article inset below.

Following this line of reasoning then, we could say that, if the SPCA are 'understanding of the problem' and see 'culling' as 'humane' why not suggest to human welfare organizations that 'humane' culling can help them solve overcrowding thereby keeping human infant numbers down. I am sure we would all 'understand' and the fact that it is labeled 'humane' give the go ahead to have babies in shelters killed...’humanely’ and with great ‘understanding’ of course!

how did the human race become so ignorant and uncaring to the needs of fellow earthlings?
How did humanity and its consciousness become so arrogant as to think it superior and more important than the consciousness of another life force?

All of nature is conscious and alive. Have some respect! Wake up!

It has been proven for instance that if bees had to vanish from our planet we would all die off.

So how are Egyptian geese different or any other life force? How has it come to this where everything other than human consciousness can be 'humanely' with 'understanding' be extinguished and marginalized?

Have our society lost its respect for life or is only human life to be respected?

I find these words 'understanding' and 'humane' very difficult to grasp from an organization against the 'cruelty' of animals and even more difficult when used in conjunction with the idea of culling and the snuffing out of a life force.

All life is Sacred!

As an Egyptian high priest who views the neter (ancient Egyptian Deity) Geb as the archetypal symbol of the male god or Great grand father of this planet, I think it a total disrespect for life and all that is Sacred, Divine and Holy, to even think of killing these magnificent symbols of Geb and then 'understanding it to be humane'.

Society at large has lost touch with nature and here we have a fine example of the ignorance and disrespect inherent in individuals and societies that pride themselves on preventing cruelty against animals!

Relocate the Egyptian Geese then, if you must, but do not dismiss these beautiful creatures and cheat them out of life with a ‘humane understanding’ that endorses culling, because maybe it’s the CHEAPER OPTION or the EASY WAY OUT!

How disgustingly cowardly and pathetic!

In the Egyptian Mysteries NTR or Neter which is God is where we get our word for Nature from. God created nature, so where has the respect for life and nature gone...?

Only after the last Tree has been cut down,

only after the last River has been poisoned

only after the last Fish has been caught

only then will you find that money cannot be eaten.

- Cree Indian Prophecy

Maybe the time has come for humanity to wake up and realise that we are the one’s that are asleep and barbarically primitive and unconscious and that the ancients such as the Native American Shamans and Egyptians to mention but a few of a fast number of ancient cultures, were truly wide awake and superbly conscious in their respect for nature and the ALL.

It is my sincerest wish as a spokesperson for Neter that this article will change the consciousness of the individuals, councils and organizations involved in the Egyptian Geese matter and that on a larger scale it will act as great medicine to open the eyes of the ignorant and unconscious to awaken to the beauty and sacredness of ALL of creation, for All is One, and The One is ALL.

“Before Time was,

There was THE ONE,


And THE ALL was ONE.....” -

Em Hotep (In Peace) – Rahotep (1st Servant of Neter)        &


  1. It is so true that all life is sacred. It comes from the day our Creation started, and it was encoded in all living beings blessings. I think that the humans after so many decades of hearing that they were born in sin gave up to that notion and is now coming to full circle of that what was indoctrinated into them.
    I feel that in today's life our lives whether animal, plant, tree or human have no value - that is why all can be "culled" or "murdered" so easily. It all comes down to the Zeitgeist thought that only the "Elite" or "Rich Privileged" have the right to life, the rest is obsolete!
    It is time that people start to know that when all was created we all were blessed with the purity of heaven and that all living is sacred and blessed and should be treated that way.
    Whether it is Geese or Elephants or humans - all is in the hand of the Creator! Who are we to deside otherwise!

  2. Thank you SaAnkhu! Your voice counts and heka is all about clear intentions to make manifest the unmanifest. Your clear and conscious comment on this matter is creating and shaping the NUN or as Deepak Chopra would call 'THE UNIFIED FIELD'into clear manifestation.

  3. I agree Rahotep, we ARE one and all is sacred.

    Well written article.

    Earthlings WAKE UP and be conscious about life!Treasure it!!



  4. Thank you SI, your input and comment speaks for us all and is very appreciated.
    Shem Em Hotep! (Walk in Peace)